About TNDucks.com

Tennessee is a state steeped in waterfowl hunting tradition, from the sloughs of the mighty Mississippi and the cypress lined banks of Reelfoot Lake, to the backwaters of the Tennessee River and the countless other rivers, lakes, creeks, and ponds that dot the remainder of the state. Tennessee waterfowlers represent some of the finest and most dedicated hunters ever to set foot in a blind, pit, or flooded field.

Since 2004 the duck and goose hunters of Tennessee have had TNDucks.com as their online home. They come here to catch up on the latest news, gossip, and conditions. If they have a question about a rule, regulation, tactic, or guide service, they are sure to find someone who is at least willing to give them their take on something. The members of TNDucks.com are what make the site special, and they do their very best to do so each and every day.